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Hanguk Emak, Korean Traditional Music

Hanguk Emak, Korean Traditional Music

Hanguk Eumak refers to the Korean Music. There are two categories in Korean Music. One is meditative and calm, which was enjoyed by the court and the literati, and the other category is exciting and leads a merry mood, which was enjoyed by the common people. The typical instance of the former is Jongmyojeryeak played [...]

Hanji, Korean Paper

Hanji is Korean paper made from the year-old bark of the paper mulberry with Korean unique manufacturing technique. It is widely used as from the papers we can write or draw on to window papers, wallpapers, or even clothing and other living supplies. Characteristics of Hanji Hanji is extraordinarily durable paper in the world. Both [...]

Korean traditional performing arts

The Korean traditional performing arts expressing the ordinary people’s life through the history is a synthetic art composed with songs, dances, music, and comedy. It was started from long ago before the art form is divided into several different genres of music, dance, and so on. And it is expected as the model of the [...]

Famous cultural relics

¬†Dolmens Dolmens, relics of the prehistoric megalithic culture, are being nearthed worldwide. Among the well-known megalithic relics are Stone Henge in England and Moai stone statues on Chile’s Easter Island. Although dolmens are scattered around the world, few places have the large numbers clustered in relatively small areas that Korea does. Relics found in these [...]

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