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Territorial dispute on Gando

Gando: Why does it matter? We all long for peace in Asia. A peaceful Asia allows us to have calmness and stability in our lives. However, from time to time peace is interrupted due to a failure to resolve conflicts that exist under the surface. Although there are definitely elements of conflict that persist in [...]

Comfort Women

Over 60 years have passed since Korea became independent from Japan in 1945. Unfortunately, some political tensions between Korea and Japan have yet to be resolved. These tensions occasionally come to the surface. Prominent examples are the conflicts over the naming of East Sea/Sea of Japan and the Japanese worship at the Yasukuni shrine. Behind [...]

Dispute over history: China’s Northeast Asia Project

China carried out a national project called ‘Studies of History and Geography of Northeast Borderland and a Series of Phenomena?often shortened as ?ortheast Asia Project?, from 2002 to 2006. This project was led by the Center for the Study of Borderland History and Geography under the Chinese Academy of Social Science with the participation of [...]

How to name the sea

How to name the sea area between the Korean Peninsula and the Japanese Archipelage    1. Historical Background  Historically, the sea area between the Korean peninsula and the Japanese archipelago known as the “Sea of Japan”, had been referred to by various names. Before the 18th century, no single name had been consistently used to [...]

Description of Dokdo

Description of Dokdo

  Dokdo is an isolated island in the eastern reaches of the nation’s territory. It is located 87.4 southeast of Ulleungdo Island. Dokdo Island (180,902m) is formed from a volcanic rock. The island is located at a latitude of 3714′ north and a longitude of 13152′ east. Along with Ulleungdo Island, Dokdo Island was one [...]

Dokdo, Korean desire

Dokdo, Korean desire

In conclusion, although many from other nations regard the issue of Dokdo as an international dispute between Korea and Japan, Koreans consider it an issue that should be felt through the heart and not through formal knowledge. Japan’s unflagging effort to secure Dokdo despite the long 60-year period that has passed since the end of [...]

Meaning of Dokdo to Koreans

Meaning of Dokdo to Koreans

First of all, Koreans consider Dokdo as a part of their body. In fact, the island is proclaimed to be within the territory of the Korean government. As an administrative district, the actual address of Dokdo is 1-96 Dokdo-li, Ulleung-eup, Ulleung-gun, Gyeongsangbuk-do, South Korea. Its exact location is 131 degrees 52 minutes of east longitude, [...]

What Japanese Textbook say

  Subject What Japanese Textbooks say Korean Analysis Mimana: Ancient  Japanese occupation  post in Korea * Japanese forces from the Yamato  court advanced to the Korean  Peninsula across the sea and  established a military outpost named  Mimana. *The Yamato forces formed an  alliance with Baekje and Silla to  fight against Koruryo during the  Three Kingdoms Period [...]

Relationship with China

Goguryeo’s relationship with China The tributary relationship that Sui and Tang dynasties demanded of Goguryeo, was of a different nature from previous practices. As unified dynasties in Middle China they tried to wield absolute power over the surrounding states. They formally demanded Goguryeo to become a tributary state in fact. When Goguryeo refused this demand, [...]

Northeast Asia Project

What lies behind the ‘Northeast Asia Project? China’s history distortions that claim Goguryeo as part of Chinese history, are far more serious than the issue of Japanese distortion of history textbooks. The Japanese history textbook case concerns a “new edition” of state-approved school history textbooks. The Chinese history issue is truly serious because the project [...]

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