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Seoul, city of magical one hour

An Hour, You are traveling in Seoul now. What does an hour mean to you? An hour in this city is a magical time that allows you to do anything. If you want to walk around a palace for tracking the path of Korean kings. Within an hour, you can enjoy a stroll in a [...]



Incheon was the place to signal the beginning of Korea’s modern history. Since the past, Incheon has been a gateway city that led trade relations with foreign countries. Incheon often found itself at the center of Korea’s historical crises. Around 120 years ago, Incheon was called “Jemulpo” (port). It was a small peaceful fishing village, [...]

Places to go in Jeollanamdo province

Boseong Tea Plantations Boseong is the adequate place for cultivation of tea. Many tea plantations, including Korea’s largest Daehan Tea Plantation, are located in here. Tea Festival is held annually, and hills full of green tea are frequently featured in movies or TV dramas. Soswaewon Garden Soswaewon Garden, which means “refreshingly clean garden,” is the [...]

Places to go in Jeollabukdo province

JeonjuHanokVillage 700 Hanoks, Korean traditional houses, are gathered in Jeonju Hanok Village. You can experience the living styles in Hanok as well as various Korean traditional cultures such as Pansori (Korean Opera), Korean dance and musical performances, and Korean paper art. Gochang Dolmen Museum Forty percent of world’s Dolmen is distributed throughout Korean peninsula; Among [...]

Places to go in Gyeongsangnamdo province

Goseong Dinosaur Museum Goseong Dinosaur Museum is built in Sangjogam County Park in Goseong, worldwide site of fossil remains of dinosaur footprints. Museum displays the copy of dinosaur bones as well as Sangjogam, where dinosaur footprint remains along the coastline. Haeinsa Temple Haeinsa Temple, located in Gaya Mountain, Hapcheon, is known for preserving Goryeo Palman [...]

Places to go in Gyeongsangbukdo province

Bulguksa Temple Bulguksa Temple, constructed during Silla Kingdom (57 B.C. – A.D. 935) in 8th century, is internationally recognized masterpiece of Buddhist arts. This temple keeps the national asserts including Buddhist monuments and images, and the unique Buddhist temple buildings. Buseoksa Temple Buseoksa Temple, one of the most famous Buddhist temples, was built by Priest [...]

Places to go in Chungcheongbukdo province

Suanbo Hot spring Suanbo Hot Spring is Korea’s first naturally erupted hot spring. Its history dates back to Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910), when the kings enjoyed spahere. Many hotels and condos located nearby, and festivals like Hot Spring Festival provide convenience and entertainment. Cheongju Early Printing Museum Jikji is the oldest extant movable metal type printed [...]

Places to go in Chungcheongnamdo province

Seosan maae samjon bulsang(Rock-carved triad buddha in Seosan) Seosan maae samjon bulsang is the three Buddhist statues carved in the cliff of Gaya Mountain in Seosan. It is estimated to be built during the end of 6th century or the early 7th century. Due to its scientific design, the Buddhist statues were well-preserved for a [...]

Places to go in Seoul

Changdeokgung Palace Changdeokgung Palace is one of the palaces of Joseon dynasty (1392-1910). It is famous for the well-preserved buildings, varied pavilions, and a beautiful rear garden called Biwon(Secret Garden). Changdeokgung was included in the UNESCO’s World Heritage List in 1997.  

Places to go in Gyeonggido

Mt. Manisan Mt. Manisan, 469m high, of Ganghwado Island in West Sea has large numbers of cultural relics. Most wellknown relic is Chamseongdan, a stone altar. It is said that Dangun Wanggeom,the founder of the Gojoseon(2333-108B.C.), the oldest kingdom in Korea, held sacrificial rites to heaven here. Hwaseong Fortress Hwaseong is a fortress constructed in [...]

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