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Jeonju, City of Culture

Jeonju, located on the southwestern of Korea, is a unique city where you meet the legacy of its 1300 years history, represented by the rich tradition and cultural heritage, co-existing peacefully with the modern day cutting edge technology. Jeonju Hanok Village How it was formed Hanok Village was on the Jeonju River-side outside West Gate, [...]

Cheongju, the happy city worth living in

Cheongju City is a T-shaped city with its towns developed towards the south and north. Cheongju is an inland city located 128km from southeast of Seoul. Mt. Uam covers the city and Musimcheon (stream) passes through its central downtown. It is known as the “city of education and culture.” City of Education and Culture Throughout [...]

A Clean, Attractive and Global city, Seoul

Seoul, the capital of South Korea, is located in the central part of the Korean peninsula. There flows the Han River (Hangang in Korean) through Seoul and the graceful mountains boast of their scenic beauty. Seoul has been the center of the politics, economy, society, and culture. It was the capital of Baekje Kingdom(18 B.C.- [...]


Many foreigners have prejudice that there are no places to visit in South Korea compared to other countries. It does not have a wide territory like China or does not retain beautiful culture of the middle ages like Italy. However, Korea is a country that retains beauty more than expectation with a long history and [...]



Busan is the first trading port in Korea. It fronts the sea to the south and is the gateway of southeastern Korean Peninsula. It hosted 2002 Asian Game, 2005 APEC. It is famous for the beaches (Haeundae, Gwangalli, etc), the annual PIFF (Pusan International Film Festival), and raw fish. There is an old market which [...]


Dokdo is in the eastern reaches of Korea territory. It is apart 87.4km from Ulleung do Island, and you can go to Dokdo by ship departing from Ulleung do. Dokdo consists of Dong(east) do, Seo(west) do, and small rocky islands around them. The island keeps its natural beauty and the summit of it is 98.6 [...]


Namwon is the hometown of important Korean classical literatures, such as Chunhyangjeon and Heungbujeon. Chunhyangjeon was written for Pansori at first but people also met the story as a novel. It is a representative love story of Korea written in the Joseon (1392 1910) period. Namwon is also a background of the story of Heungbujeon, [...]

Jeju Island

Jeju do is the foremost island in Korea in terms of size and unique climate. The island province consists of Jeju and its adjacent islands. Geographically, its relative isolation from the mainland resulted in a unique dialect and lifestyle of its own. The natural beauty of Mt. Hallasan and the surrounding sea make Jeju an [...]


Samcheok City is located at the southernmost region of Gangwon do, reaches out to the east coast, and Uljin in Gyeongsangbuk do to the south. You can enjoy a romantic time by the blue ocean and mysterious caves. A calm and peaceful place located 1.4 km from downtown. You can reach the entrance of Hwanseon [...]


Gyeongju, the capital of the Silla Dynasty (57 B.C. ~ 935 A.D.), is a living historical city. It is called a museum without a roof. There are plentiful cultural assets around the city and some ruins are registered as the World Heritages. Built approximately 1500 years ago, Bulguksa Temple is not only a landmark historical [...]

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