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Technology of Hope

Technology is ever evolving, like smartphones, tablet PCs and laptops. At any time, we can talk to friends across the world through SNS. Today we can do a lot of things with just one touch on the screen. Every day, our life is getting more and more convenient. However, there are some people who are [...]

Suggestions for the Future Direction of Japan

The Second World War (1939 – 1945) The war that caused the largest number of causalities and most property damage in world history Two countries were particularly responsible for these tragedies. Germany and Japan  Lebensraum (living space) Adolf Hitler believed that the living space of the German people was too small, and so Germany needed [...]

A-Yong Man’s Fifth – Global leader

What is your dream? There is a dream that drives many young Koreans to join VANK. Many young people pursue this dream to make a difference in the world. It is to be a part of an international organization!! UN, UNICEF, UNESCO, and WHO Here are two Koreans who have achieved this dream. A small [...]

We Make Korea! “A Story of Us and Our Country”

We Make Korea! “A Story of Us and Our Country” The Burj Khalifa in Dubai The Tallest Building in the World Many countries compete to defeat the world’s best. Changsha, China Planning to build the world’s tallest building The Burj Mubarak al-Kabir in Kuwait Expected to become the world’s first building to reach over 1000m [...]

Ieodo, whose territory is it?

Ieodo, whose territory is it?

Whose territory is this island? Yushandao, China: 287 km Marado, Korea: 147 km This island is twice as close to one of the two countries than it is to the other. Whose territory should it be? One of the two countries has historical records and a legend about this island. “A legend and folk songs [...]

A Young Man’s Third Letter: Masterpiece

Educational background, professional background, or money  Have you ever given up a dream because you don’t have these specs? The life of young Koreans in the 21st century: Society makes everyone pursue standard qualifications, the so-called ‘specs’. However, VANK wants to suggest a different way to live your life. “A Life of a Master in [...]

A Young Man’s Second Letter: Against All Odds!

Spec Short for Specifications Korean job seekers refer to the combination of educational background, professional background and English test score as “spec”. Good specs include graduating from a top university, family wealth, fluent English, and international experience. There was a young man who had none of these. His life seemed hopeless. He went to an [...]

A Young Man’s First Letter

Voluntary Agency Network of Korea (VANK) VANK is a South Korean non-governmental organization established in 1999 for the purpose of promoting Korea and cultural exchanges between Koreans and foreigners Hello, I am the person who founded VANK. VANK initially started as a small pen-pal site in 1999. It has steadily grown in size and influence, [...]

Korean Network

Korean people, 1% of the world’s population Korean territory, 0.07% of the world’s total land Should the size of the population or its land decide Korea’s global influence in the 21st century? Henry Kissinger, a master of diplomacy Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft and one of the richest people in the world Mark Zuckerberg, [...]

King Sejong the Great

King Sejong the Great

Average annual growth rate over the last 10 years = 9.2% The first among G-20 member countries  GDP = $7.42 trillion The second largest in the world Military expenditure The second highest in the world Expected to become the world’s largest economic power by 2018 – The Economist, British weekly newspaper Expected to become the [...]